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Terms of Service

Will do
- Any species, any style
- Any fetish art that isn't listed in 'won't do'
(For NSFW, I do not currently have NSFW content uploaded anywhere. Contact me for examples!)

Won't do
- Extremely complex designs (I'm talking huge detail work)
- Guro
- Scat

These terms and conditions will also be included in the invoice sent via Paypal. Please read over them carefully. By commissioning me and accepting the invoice, you agree to these terms.

- I reserve the right to reject or deny any commission request.
- Your commission may be used as an example for other customers to view.
- I will not start work until the invoice is paid in full.
- Your E-Mail is required for me to send an invoice. You may also be required to confirm that you have received your commission via E-Mail once it is complete.
- Any commissioned work is for personal use only - this means zero commercial usage (merch, posters, prints, digital sales, NFTs, crypto, promotion, charity logos etc) is allowed. We can discuss allowances for commercial use, but there will be an upcharge and you will be the one footing the cost of soliciting a contract.
The minimum upcharge for commercial licensing is $300 per image, there is no maximum upcharge. The final quote will be entirely at my discretion. Payment plans will not be accepted for commercial licensing fees.
- All commissions will be completed within 2 months maximum, with emergency circumstances being an exception. If you have a deadline in mind, it is your responsibility to make me aware of it. Any commissioner that does not get their art completed by the two month deadline is entitled to a discount, unless emergency circumstances were present.
- Full refunds are only possible if no work has been done.
- Payment is upfront via PayPal.
- If you have given me artistic freedom or no visual reference then I will not make major revisions to the pose.
- You are not permitted to make edits to any artwork I have created without explicit, written permission from myself. This includes writing on the artwork, changing character colors, etc. You may crop the artwork to use as icons or thumbnails on sites such as Toyhou.se, FurAffinity, Weasyl, etc. You are permitted to add a personal watermark to the image, as long as credit to me is intact.
- You are not permitted to make any claims of ownership or creation of artwork I have made.
- I will retain files for 2 weeks, after this time there is zero guarantee I will still have files to hand, so please ensure you have saved your commissions somewhere safe.
Additionally, I reserve the right to change these terms at any time. Please read over them carefully if you are a returning customer as they may have changed.

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